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Solar Plate Etching workshop with Trudy Rice
I loved the workshop. The group was small enough so you could provide individual
advice and assistance for all participants, even though we were at different stages. Thank you.

Peggy Douglass, Canberra

Solar Plate Etching with Trudy Rice
It was great to have Trudy come to the Artists Society of Canberra. She explained the process clearly and was an absolutely amazing tutor during the two days, Trudy is
very generous in sharing her knowledge. She made sure everyone had help when
needed and provided an abundance of resources during the workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and highly recommend it to anyone interested in solar plate etching. Thanks Trudy.

Simone Doherty

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In person workshop with Trudy Rice

Your workshop was amazing! It had just the right amount of demonstration vs self-
directed work. You showed us that solar plate etching is accessible, easy and the
perfect printmaking technique for working out of the home studio. I really appreciated
your generosity with provided materials. Having multiple plates and lots of good quality paper meant that we could experiment with several different techniques and came away with at least a couple of decent prints.

Fenja Theden-Ringl

I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful workshop this last weekend, I haven't had the chance to do some printing for ages and relished the opportunity to learn a new, non-toxic method of etching - so it was perfect! 

Pamela Jackson


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