dragonfly, napkin, linen, homewares, elegant
dragonfly, napkin, linen, homewares, elegant
dragonfly, napkin, linen, homewares, elegant

Single Elegant Dragonfly Linen Napkin

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This minimal Dragonfly linen napkin works beautifully with the dragonfly table runner.

Pure linen napkins as a single item holds many uses.

My customers have used them as:

* a set of napkins with their Dragonfly Table Runner

* as a cover for their culinary delights

* as a centrepiece for their table

* as a napkin at the table

* Japanese style wrapping for a small gift

I've used one of mine in the kitchen!

Australian artist Trudy Rice all original artwork using the unique printmaking method of solar plate etching.

Proudly cut, printed and sewn by a combination of skilled and special needs workers at KE Homewares.

Please note there may be a slight variation in colour due to the linen manufacturing process.

Individually packaged and all made in Melbourne.


Single Napkin

Each Standard Size napkin measures 45cm L x 45cm W

Pure Oatmeal Linen

All Melbourne designed and made.

Hand wash or delicate machine wash using no harsh chemicals.


It arrived and I LOVE IT! I just adore the colours!! Calming and peaceful.  I love the koala too - he has a hint of sadness in his eyes! What a beautiful cause to raise funds for the Hanson Bay Koala Sanctuary, it reflects your kind soul and I will treasure it. Kind regards.


Mum cried when she opened her gift. Thank you for bringing her so much joy. Transforming people’s lives is priceless work xx

Glenda, QLD

Why choose a work from Trudy's Collection?

caring for your environment

Trudy's love for nature really shines through in her art.  She makes her artworks with minimal toxic materials and where possible, manufacturers in Australia.

Find out more about Trudy's story