Art for Sale

ARTWORK Blue monarch Otways Sold Out
ARTWORK 'Souls in the garden' $500.00
ARTWORK 'Market Day' $450.00
ARTWORK Wattlebird in the brush $370.00
ARTWORK Pensive Wattlebird $370.00
ARTWORK A positive change in the air $370.00
ARTWORK The joy of flying a kite $680.00
ARTWORK The Crab $220.00
ARTWORK Seductive depths I $370.00
ARTWORK Red Crab and Sea Urchin $280.00
ARTWORK Red butterflies $290.00
ARTWORK Realm of the ocean $370.00
ARTWORK Ghostly Flying Fish $280.00
ARTWORK Flutterings of Hope $370.00
ARTWORK Fluttering in perfect unison $370.00
ARTWORK Floating by $280.00
ARTWORK Enduring winged beauty $370.00
ARTWORK Dragonfly and Trees $370.00
ARTWORK Cicada Banksia Pod & Correa $150.00
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